Two men arrested and charged after they drugged, raped and left for dead young ‘spring breaker’ woman

This year’s spring break didn’t end up as planned for Christine E., 24-year-old, after she was found dead in a hotel room in Miami. Police report later showed that she was raped and drugged before she died.

Evoire C. and Dorian T. allegedly drugged and raped her before she was found dead. The police said she met both of them in nearby restaurant.

A video footage shows that after the dinner, the three of them returned in Christine’s room. Evoire and Dorian left the room about hour and a half later.

After being arrested, Evoire told the police they gave the girl green pill at some point. When arrested, Dorian was in a possession of several “green pills” and Christine’s credit cards which he allegedly used them in a liquor store. Evoire thought the pills were painkillers.

According to latest information, both men now face charges of burglary, sexual battery and the fraudulent use of a credit card. The autopsy should reveal what was the cause of the Christine’s death. Evoire and Dorian may face additional and way more serious charges if the autopsy show they are somehow connected to the girl’s death.

Members of the boy’s families said they have never done anything like what they are accused of.

Christine’s family confirmed that she was traveling alone in Florida. No more information was given.

The investigation should reveal the real cause of death. The suspects remain in custody.

Alex Tuhell

Co-founder and publisher

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