While Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down, people slammed them on Twitter

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – which are owned by Facebook and work on a common infrastructure – were completely down yesterday for several hours. Other products and services that are part of the same family of applications, such as Facebook Workplace, were also down for all that time.

Those who wanted to log in to their accounts were not able to it so, while those who were already logged in were seeing mixed up feed with content from previous days. WhatsApp and Instagram continued to run, but did not display new content, including sent or received messages.

Millions of users were affected, and the blockage occurred due to a configuration change. The error occurred on routers that coordinate the flow of information between Facebook and the servers, according to the most recent information.

Because the connection between the internal systems and software tools was disrupted, Facebook engineers were not able to detect and solve the issue in a shorter period of time.

Facebook’s explanation coincides with the assumptions of internet experts, that the error is in the infrastructure of the company itself. Facebook emphasizes that it does not have any indications that due to the interruption of the services, the data of the users are endangered.

Six hours later, all the services were operative and online. Meanwhile, most of the users switched to Twitter and TikTok literally slamming Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Cindy Carey


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