Woman who was helping those in need fatally shot in her apartment, allegedly she was calling 911 too often in the area

Owena H., 78-year-old, was found dead in her apartment in Houston after being fatally shot multiple times in the head and chest. There is open investigation and the police is still looking for the shooter(s).

According to police, the woman was targeted because this was second time deputies responded on her address for shooting report.

The first-time officers responded to a 911 call in her apartment, after seven shots were being fired at her bed from the bedroom window. Luckily, the woman was sleeping on the opposite site of what she usually does and was not hurt. Since it was New Year’s Eve, officers couldn’t confirm if this was targeted shooting or just celebratory gunfire.

The next day her daughter and grandson found the woman dead in her apartment. They called police for second time in two days. According to the reports, the woman died as a result of multiple close-range gunshots in her head and chest. Investigators said the shooter was inside her home as they found the back door unlocked.

Family members and neighbors all confirmed Owena was beloved member in the area. She often helped those in need providing money and different stuff. She even had an attachment to her house with areas for people to shower and sleep.

At this time, police do not have a motive or suspect in the case. Police do not believe it was a robbery because nothing appeared to be disturbed or missing in the home.

Houston police is asking for public help regarding this case.

UPDATE Mar. 03:

The police interviewed a few suspects in the past period, unfortunately no one was arrested due to lack of evidence. However, some of the suspects said there are rumors in the area someone killed the woman because she was calling 911 too often regarding gang meetings on her street.

The investigation is still open. Please call Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS if you have any information that could lead to an arrest or charges in this case.

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