Elementary school teacher forces black student to unclog school toilet with his hands, urged to leave town for safety

Elementary school teacher Karla L. from Arkansas, has become “popular” lately following her reckless decision to force 5-year-old Black student unclog the school toilet with his bare hands. This action has triggered a lot of threats made to her.

Following the incident, the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation about what really happened is finished.

This is first time Karla to be involved in such an incident. Her colleagues confirmed that she is one of the best teachers in the school. They refused the give a comment about the incident since the investigation is still ongoing.

At this point it’s not clear if this act was racially motivated or not, but it was surely humiliating for the student, something that a teacher shouldn’t aim for. Furthermore, she put the child’s health at risk.

It’s now known if she admitted the act to the principal or to the family of the child. But everyone agrees that this act can’t go unpunished. Many people ask the authorities to fire her. Some go even further and asked to lose her teacher license in Arkansas.

Now FBI allegedly warned Karla to leave town due to death threats, until things died down. Someone close to Karla contacted Marc Cannon and provided this information.

Marc Cannon later informed all his followers in a Facebook post: “They’ve been forced to shut it down because of all the death threats and the phone calls. And the FBI has gotten involved and told her it’s best to just go ahead and shut the business down and leave town.”

You can see the video on Marc’s FB profile here.

Monica Doyle


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