Entire family tests positive: unvaccinated teenager contracts Delta, ends up on ventilator and dies, the mother couldn’t make her get the shot

The most recent Covid-19 wave reminded us once again how deadly the virus might be especially with the fact that the Delta variant is now infecting even the young people something that was not the case with the previous variants of the virus.

With the start of the school year, many students got infected in a short period of time filling the hospitals with Covid-19 while they struggle with ICU beds available and staffing shortage. Unfortunately, a decent number of people remain vaccine hesitant despite health experts’ efforts to encourage everyone to get the Covid-19 shot as soon as possible.

The latest tragedy comes from Texas where a college student died while being hospitalized and on ventilator support. Her mother in tears explained how sorry she feels because she couldn’t make her daughter get the Covid-19 vaccine on time which would probably saved her life.

  1. Gray was set to become a freshman in September. She got her first symptoms late July and after one week of home treatment she was hospitalized because her condition was getting worse. According to the mother, her young daughter didn’t have health conditions and decided not to get vaccinated because she felt save.

The young girl was treated in hospital for two weeks without apparent positive result. Her condition started to get worse and she was put on ventilator support, while doctors were doing everything they can to save her life.

The last time when her mother talked to her on the phone tried to calm her down, but the girl was terrified.

“You just hear her screaming through the mask for me, and that was the last time,” her mother said, according to Insider. “And the last voice I heard is her yelling for me in her mask.”

“For me, not being there to help my baby or be there is the worst feeling in the entire world,” she added.

The mother, T. Gray, added that their entire family was vaccine hesitant and no one had received the vaccine at that point. As expected, after the first positive case in the family, all the others tested positive in very short period of time. However, the teenager was the only one to end up in hospital.

The teenage girl lost the battle with the virus while she was still on ventilator support and was pronounced dead on August 19. She was sending pictures from the hospital to her mother and friends hoping she will get out soon, but she didn’t make it.

Gray’s mother regrets that she didn’t push her daughter hard enough to get the shot. According to her, the whole unvaccinated family influenced her not to get the shot on time. It turned out that her decision ended up to be fatal for her.

“I feel like it’s my fault,” Gray’s mother said, according to FOX 4. “I should’ve forced it.” “I shouldn’t have let other people in my head or life get to me,” she said. “I should’ve done what I needed to do to protect my family.”

Gray was described as “the light in the room everywhere she went on a memorial website.” Her dream was to own a beauty salon after college. Since the teenager’s death, Gray’s family have received their first COVID-19 vaccine and are booked in for their second appointment later this month.

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