Man hears weird noises in the middle of night, takes gun and shoots his minor daughter to death mistaking her for intruder

Fathers are the ones to keep the house and family safe in every single occasion from burglars and intruders no matter what it takes. But this man made a huge mistake trying to keep his family safe when he shot his little daughter to death when he heard weird noises in the middle of night mistaking her for an intruder.

The fatal incident took place last week when the father, identified as the 31-year-old W. Oliver, took his gun to check his house after he heard weird noises in the middle of night thinking an intruder broke in the house.

While he was carefully and silently checking all the rooms in his Tennessee home, he entered one of the bedroom’s closet and saw a silhouette moving inside. Thinking he finally found the intruder, he fired one bullet and shot the person behind the bath curtain. Just a moments later, he realized that he just shot his eight-old-daughter.

His wife who was still sleeping at the moment of the incident, immediately woke up and headed to the bathroom where she found Oliver in complete shock holding his injured little daughter covered in blood. The mother immediately called 911 and asked for medical help.

Since the little girl needed an immediate help, the mother decided not to wait for the EMS teams and took the injured girl in hospital with her own car. The little girl who was suffering gunshot wound in the chest, died in hospital shortly after arrival despite the doctor’s efforts to save her life.

The father, still in shock of what he did, decided to follow his wife to hospital taking the four other minor children with him in his own car. According to police reports, the four children were also in the house when the incident occurred, but none of them witnessed the incident.

Authorities questioned the shooter and decided to arrest him since they didn’t believe his story for some reason. According to them, he was charged with reckless homicide in this case. His bond was set at $112,500.

The police added that the shooter is known to the authorities since he was charged two years ago with aggravated assault. However, police didn’t reveal more details about his previous case until now.

The latest data shows data that a total of 16 children lost their lives in the area where the incident happened excluding the latest case. The local authorities said that 13 were declared murders and three were ruled as negligent homicides.

‘The gun violence is a plague on our community,’ Shelby County District Attorney said, noting that the oldest child victim was 17 and the youngest was just one-year old.

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