“This beautiful, innocent angel is no longer with us,” Monster mother, stepfather killed 2-year-old girl before they reported her missing

The mother and the stepfather of the beautiful 2-year-old angel Nevaeh are behind bars after the police discovered her dead body almost a week after she was reported missing. Both of them might spend many years in prison if found guilty on multiple charges including second-degree murder.

According to the police report, the mother of the 2-year-old Nevaeh was identified as L. Cardwell and she was arrested and held on $300,000 bond after the authorities found the Nevaeh’s dead body two weekends ago.

Cardwell’s boyfriend, P. Gardner, was arrested on lesser charges right after the toddler was reported missing about a week before her body was found in a wooded area in Hancock County, Mississippi. When the Nevaeh’s dead body was discovered, both Cardwell and Gardner got their charges upgraded and now they are charged with second-degree murder in connection with the little girl’s death.

Authorities have a reason to believe that the couple is responsible for the girl’s death, but they were not able to determine who killed her, law enforcement source told WAFB.

The initial results of the autopsy showed that the death was homicide. At this time, the specific reason for the death is still not determined since the investigators are still waiting for additional results of the autopsy, including toxicology tests.

When questioned by the reporters, the authorities didn’t say if there were any signs of trauma to the girl’s body.

Police Chief M. Paul announced the arrest of the mother last Wednesday afternoon. The chief said it saddens him that “this beautiful, innocent angel is no longer with us.” The little girl’s name, Nevaeh, is the “Heaven” spelled backward.

When the mother initially reported the case to the local authorities, she told them that she left the girl with her stepfather before she went to work that day. A few hours later, Gardner allegedly called her and said that he was not able to locate the girl despite the fact that they were home for all that time.

Gardner was charged in the case earlier for allegedly disposing her body. He was charged with unlawful disposal of human remains and obstruction of justice. A warrant was issued few days after the body was found adding second-degree murder to his charges.

Unofficially, the local authorities are strongly convinced that Gardner is the one responsible for the little girl’s death and his girlfriend helped him to get rid of the body. Cardwell is currently pregnant with another child who she says Gardner is the father of.

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