Woman shot to death her boyfriend after seeing him video call his ex-girlfriend and her child

S. Willis shot to death her boyfriend after seeing him video calling his ex-girlfriend and her child. The 29-year-old woman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action following the incident.

The Missouri couple have been together for a couple of months, according to the neighbors. But it turned out that Willis was not full of confidence about their relationship.

According to the police, Willies drove her boyfriend C. Stewart home and he video called his ex-girlfriend right after he got in. Stewart behavior was suspicious for sometime and Willis was checking on him from time to time. That day she entered Stewart’s apartment minutes after she drove him home and she ended the relationship.

Willis left Stewart’s home, but he decided to follow her home. According to the neighbors, they parked their cars on the parking lot in front of the apartment complex.

A few gunshots were heard before seeing Stewart run from his car. Willis then allegedly exited her car and ran toward Stewart while firing her gun.

Police arrived on the scene and they found Stewart’s dead body on the ground next to the apartment complex.

The woman was not immediately available for the police, but she decided to turn herself in few hours later. She admitted the everything and told the police she bought the gun two weeks prior.

Willis faces many years in prison for the murder of her boyfriend.

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