15-year-old boy kills entire family, shared photos of his murdered parents and sister online, then shot himself in the head

The number of violent crimes and depression in adolescents are seeing an increasing trend in the last couple of years and that is confirmed with the numerous incidents in schools across the country on a daily basis.

More and more teenagers end up behind bars for their actions and the only solution to slowing down this trend is community programs dedicated for students and parents to spend more time with their children, experts say.

One such incident happened earlier this month in Texas when a teenager for no apparent reason killed his family, shared photos of the victims on the social media and killed himself in what appears to be murder-suicide shooting incident.

According to the Independent, the shooter has been identified as the 15-year-old William C. III, just an ordinary student who showed no mental symptoms. The local police department said in an announcement that the teenager threatened to continue with the violence and killing more of his fellow students in the school.

As soon as the authorities were notified about the social media posts, they located and tracked the suspect to a recreational vehicle park in Aransas County of South Texas. They arrived and asked him to come outside of his motor home, but he refused. Minutes later a gunshot was heard.

“Entry was made into the RV and immediately discovered the graphic scene shared over social media,” the local Police Department said in a statement. “The male juvenile was likewise found deceased from a gunshot wound. In total, investigators found 4 deceased bodies and 2 deceased dogs.”

When they entered the mobile home vehicle, deputies found the other deceased bodies. After the identification, officers confirmed that the bodies belonged to the teen’s father, mother and older sister. The county sheriff said that this has been a tragic event, but they are happy that stopped of being even more tragic if the teenager headed to the school.

The parents had 11 children and the oldest one, who identified herself as M. Batts, is now raising money to covers the funeral costs for their family. Everyone interested to donate, can do that on GoFundMe page here.

“We are deeply saddened by the events that have unfolded today. Like many in the community, we are hurt, outraged, sad, and most of all, [there is] a sense of emptiness,” she told The Independent. “We should be celebrating our Mother’s 53rd Birthday today. Instead, we are having to run around and try to figure out how we are going to lay them all to rest.”

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