Christian School teacher arrested after admitting to ‘Crush’ on young student, uses boy’s brother to make him jealous

Teacher is arrested and charged for allegedly having inappropriate sexual relationship with a student, young boy under the age of 16. The investigation started when the boy’s mother discovered sensitive Instagram messages on the boy’s phone.

Kristen B., 31-year-old Christian School teacher from Florida, has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery, as well as committing a sexual act on a child older than 12 but younger than 16.

The mother couldn’t believe what is really happening so she decided to schedule a meeting with the teacher on a fast-food parking lot. That’s the moment when the teacher admits she had a crush on the boy. She also added that they have cuddled under a blanket on his couch and he even touched her.

Kristen went even further. In one occasion she took the boy’s brother to McDonalds just to make him jealous. In order to be closer to the teenager, Kristen became very close with the boy’s family, coming in their home pretty often.

During the meeting with the mother, Kristen also said that she had given the boy three options: they can continue with the sexual relationship no matter the consequences, they could stop everything or they could pretend she had never told him of her feelings.

After the teacher confessed everything, the mother went in the nearest police station and reported the woman to the authorities. Few days later the teacher quit her job from the school.

The teacher potentially faces many years in prison.

Cindy Carey


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