VIDEO: “You want me to spit on you again?” – Woman goes crazy after being asked to wear a mask at Florida Walgreens

Officers were dispatched at a Florida Walgreens following a 911 call when a woman became furious when asked to wear mask in the store. Luba Bozanich was detained after the heated confrontation she had with other customers and the incident was caught on camera.

The woman who recorded the incident, Nahla Ebaid, was in Florida for spring break with her husband and couple of friends. They were at the store when Bozanich entered the premises without a mask. One of the employees asked her to put one on and that’s when Bozanich started yelling and ranting about Muslims.

Ebaid took her phone and started recording the incident on video. The video footage clearly shows Bozanich using a racial slur and making a comment about Ebaid’s hijab.

“She looked at us and she said, ‘I wish I was from your country, so I don’t have to wear the mask,’” Ebaid said. “So, we said, ‘Which country is that? We’re from New York.’”

“Get out of my face, get out of my face,” Bozanich said. “You want me to spit on you again? Want me to spit on you, ugly (expletive)?”

Another video was also released, this time from police body camera. Bozanich was arguing with police officers saying that one of the officers abused her first.

Officers had to handcuff her, but the couple decided not to press charges and the woman was released.

As seen on the video later, Bozanich said she is not a racist and apologized to the couple. “God bless you,” she said.

“Yeah, God bless them because if it was up to me, you’d be going to jail,” an officer said.

Local TV interviewed the woman about the incident and she said she was sorry about what she did, but she felt provoked by the couple.

According to her FB fan page, she is therapist.

The video footage ended when officers removed the handcuffs. When leaving, she just added: “Thank God for President Trump.”

Cindy Carey


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